Why Web Designers And Copywriters Should Work Together

No one ever said website content creation was easy. Behind every successful website, there is a considerable amount of hard work and effort, not only from the content writer but from all the team involved. A web designer can create beautiful visuals, but if the content isn’t attention-grabbing, your website can forget long-lasting visits! Same goes for copywriters, even if the content created is something from another world, a poor design will undoubtedly scare your visitors off.

We live in an age where everyone wants to work alone, but that isn’t always the best idea, especially when it comes to content writing and business management. In my five-minute article, I am going to tell why it is vital for designers and copywriters to work together instead of going separate ways. If you are interested in getting a detailed answer to the question asked in the title, keep reading!

When copywriters and web designers work together, the user wins every time!

In website content creation, the main objective is to keep your users engaged for as long as possible and guide them through every step until they take action. Now, in my opinion, the best way to make this happen is to put the writer and the web designer working together.

But even after creating the perfect combination between content and design, you must learn how to drive traffic to your website. To master that ability, firstly, you have to understand the main factors considered by search engines to decide who ranks where and for which keywords.

The ranking factors you should consider while creating content.

Ranking factors will play an important part when the copywriter creates the content, and the web designer creates the structure of the webpage. Here are the most important ranking factors you should take into consideration:

  • The first thing you need to attract your audience is a powerful title for your page or article. It is crucial to make your title unique and relevant to your content. Keep it attractive, so you can keep your visitors engaged and drag them towards your objective. If you are struggling to get ideas, try using the topic/title generator tool by Hubspot.
  • You can attract your audience to your content with a strong title. Still, you cannot engage your visitors for a very long time, unless you use informative and intriguing ideas related to what your user is looking for. Also, it would help if you focused on the formation and the presentation of your thoughts; it should be displayed smoothly, and not give an abrupt and artificial outlook.
  • Consider the keywords to be essential for your content. Without keywords, your content has no identity, and you can’t rank it on Google or any other search engine. It is always best if you find relevant keywords with good search volume for your content; you can use Ubersuggest by Neil Patel for this. The more relevant and searched keywords you can use in your content, the better your article will rank on search engines such as Google.
  • Now, the quality of your content matters a lot too! Suppose you are not focusing on writing and publishing error-free content. In that case, you will have a hard time trying to rank it on Google, plus, it will harm your website’s reputation badly. Ensure that there is no delivery, clarity issues, grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes in your content. The sentence structure should be perfect, and your work should be very much concise and engaging too. There is only one tool powerful enough to help you with this improvement, and that is famous by the name, Grammarly!
  • Furthermore, you must understand that search engines get confused with duplicate content, and internet users hate plagiarism! Make sure that you check for plagiarism on your content with a reliable and accurate online tool like SearchEngineReports.net, which is known to be one of the best online plagiarism checkers. This free plagiarism detector can help you in removing all kinds of duplication in your content!
  • Today’s internet users are more interested in visual content than text. You have to mix and match! Add images along with your content if you want to make it more appealing. You can use image finder tools or can take help from a fellow designer to get a unique image for your content. You also have to make sure you don’t have duplicated images using copyright checkers or reverse image search tools.
  • Last but not least, having quality backlinks pointing to your content across quality and relevant websites will also help you to get to the top ranks. I don’t advise you to use dodgy software to build your links. Instead, try reaching out to genuine website owners as it will help you gain more visibility and improving your authority.
These are some of the main factors that you should take into consideration while creating content for your website. Now it’s also vital for you to understand that the search engine’s ranking factors keep on changing. Hence, you have to keep yourself updated so that you can change your content accordingly.

Four reasons why copywriters and web designer should work together!

Consider the following reasons which will explain to you why both parties must work together to craft a successful website!

1 – Substantive communication

One of the most critical tools in any workplace or working relationship is communication. The better the communication between professionals is, the better the output results will be. A web designer knows better how to structure the layout according to best web practices, and a writer knows what to write and how to present old ideas in a new and unique style. Neither of them can replace each other unless the person you hire learnt how to master both disciplines, which is rare. No matter how good a writer is, he would always need help from a good web designer to publish and present his content on the website. In the same way, no matter how creatively a web designer can display the content, he would always need a good copywriter to create the content for his site. Writers and designers should always have an appreciation and a healthy working bond with and for each other.

A web designer should try and communicate the best approach to engage the visitor with the website. In the same way, the writer should tell the web designer about trendy topics which can help the website to reach more organic traffic. With this kind of communication, both can enjoy a very successful venture!

2 – Your project can flourish with compromise instead of clashing

Avoid clashes between the copywriter and the web designer, as they both have skills in their departments, and they have an understanding of different languages. Some web designers think that website design is the only thing that draws user attention. Still, on the other hand, some writers are of the view that content is what brings traffic to the website. Well, it is okay to have conflicts to leave space for improvement, but both parties should consider each other’s ideas and compromise from time to time. Compromise in a team is the best way to succeed. Suppose a writer doesn’t respect the views of the website designer or vice versa. In that case, the audience will get bored and will likely leave the website after a few seconds. The mix and match of ideas and suggestions are what make the team healthy and bring the website traffic, so this is an important reason why both parties should work together!

3 – It can save you extra expenses

A writer working alone can only create content and not publish it concerning modern designs or care about the optimisation factors either. Usually, a copywriter will pay a web designer to optimise his/her content for the website. In the same way, a website designer has to pay a content writer to create content for his/her website. Suppose both of these parties are working together. In that case, they can save hundreds and maybe thousands of pounds from producing a fantastic output that will benefit both of them.

4 – It can save you time

If both parties are not working together, they should! It is essential to make changes to the website design and the content concerning recommendations and suggestions from each other. By not doing so, it will compromise much time and ruin the beauty of the original design or the content after creation. When a copywriter and a web designer work together, they will save you time because they will use mutual ideas and create a great website together, much faster.

As a content writer or website designer, it is essential that you work together to accomplish your website’s objectives.


Whether you hired a team to build your website, or you have an agency with content and design teams, you should know the importance of a website with great content and design. That is why you should put your copywriter in touch with your web designer no matter what!

Now that you have an idea of the main ranking factors to bring traffic to your website, you will find it much easier when you see yourself in the next web design project. But most importantly, you now know why it is vital for a web designer and copywriter to work together and make sure your users engage with your website.

I am a professional freelance web designer, and although I believe I’m quite good with words, it is always best to hire a professional in their craft! That is why I teamed up with some of the best copywriters in the UK, to offer my customers the best content possible while I design the best website possible for them.

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