7 Reasons Why You NEED to Add Video To Your Website

Want to make your website more attractive? Thinking about how to multiply the reach of your website? Or, are you wondering how to increase interaction? Well, here is a solution – include Videos!

Videos make everything look unique, communicate content easily and trigger the right spot for your target audience. Videos are not just a medium to entertain your audience but also to educate them, interact with them, and make content easier for them. When you design a website, you should know what videos are more beneficial for your website and how to make optimal utilisation of your video content.

Statistics show that, in the year 2021, approximately 100 minutes of the day a user has spent watching videos on the internet. And by 2022, 82% of the consumer traffic on the internet was videos. Today, users are consuming like never before. From social media to television to websites, videos are the closest ones to reaching their audience in the digital world. A video can showcase emotion; it strengthens the reach and increases the website’s engagement, and, more importantly, it builds trust between the audience and the organisation.

What kind of videos can you include on your website?

A video can be personal, formal, educational or simply entertaining. With videos becoming more popular, you should take full advantage of the new opportunity. If you have the budget and resources, you can include various forms of video on your website. This will make sure to convey all forms of message and information to your audience. Organisations can leverage the likes of online video maker tools to create stunning videos. These are simpler and faster ways to construct your video content. Some of the options for creating a video on your website are:

  • Acquainted with your organisation: If you are a new business, use this as an opportunity to introduce the visitors to who, what, why and where about your brand and organization. Tell people about the vision and mission, and introduce them to your goals.
  • About your products and services: Commercials are expensive, and as an organization, video content can be low cost and bring higher reach. Advertise your products and services via video content to your visitors.
  • Testimonials and reviews by consumers and clients: Today, consumers want to make sure the products and services are real and not just imaginary. The best way to do that is through existing consumers. Reviews and testimonials are the digital forms of word-of-mouth marketing of the products and services of the organization.
  • Instructions: With everything online, it isn’t easy to train and instruct your audience about the usage of your products and services. How can you help your consumer? Add an instruction manual in visual and audio format for your consumers. This will not only help the existing bunch but will also allow attracting more audience.
  • Educational: Through videos, you can educate the visitors about the industry, the products and the social advantages of using the products and services. Mostly for new products in the market, the audience may often be unaware of your existence. Make them aware of the presence of your services and products through video on your website.

Some of the reasons to include video on your website are:

  1. It allows to amplify the website on search engine result pages: In the digital world, the way to make sure you are reaching and interacting with the maximum audience is through search engine rankings. The SEO may not index the videos, but the way the content is being consumed can be understood. Content is always the king, no matter which medium you use. To rank higher in SEO, include keywords in the headings, descriptions, tags and everywhere the keywords can be added. More importantly, Youtube is the source of video marketing. SEO can be made better through establishing and marketing oneself on youtube. This way, the backlinks will allow higher-quality content and better information for the users.
  2. Reach more and more audiences: Every consumer is unique. They have different needs, perspectives, and ways to respond and react to social media content. One user may like to read content while others may like to watch. The best way to ensure all kinds of audiences are reached and their needs are met is to include content and video on your website. This will broaden your consumer base who consume your content as video appeals to a larger set of audiences across all age groups.
  3. Reuse and recycle your content: As an organisation, a huge amount of content is prepared using various mediums and sources, from blogs to interviews and from product reviews to presentations. Repurpose all of this content smartly via videos. Isn’t it the best way to make use of your sources? One can make a blog about the recent video content uploaded. Or, upload the presentation via Slideshare on professional sites like LinkedIn. Convert your consumer QandA sessions into review videos to make them influential. Do what makes you reach the maximum audience, but definitely, recycle your content!
  4. Videos activate the emotional connection: People say a picture can speak a thousand words, now bring in a motion picture – imagine the number of emotions it will bring out. Every second of the video will speak a different emotion and take the audience through various experiences throughout the time frame of the video. It showcases real-life situations. However, know your limits and do not go overboard with emotions. Make sure you fulfil the purpose.
  5. Videos bring out your organisation’s personality: One can bring their brand and products to life through videos. It allows for building a connection between the brand and the website’s visitors. Videos allow the visitors to be introduced to the brand, the products and the services on a personal front. The video content gives a unique element to the message one wants to convey, increasing the connection. More connection brings more engagement, which brings in more leads and revenue to the business.
  6. Videos allow to shine among the competitors: There is still a large set of businesses unaware of the importance and benefits of video content. However, the opportunity will not wait for all; make the most of it by creating video content today. This will ensure you are ahead of your competition before they understand its importance. The first mover always has an advantage; make the most of it!
  7. Videos are affordable and accessible: All this must have made you wonder about all the costs which the video may incur? Well, let us make it clear that these videos are extremely pocket friendly. Videos today can be easily made with online tools available on phones and computers. Videomaker tools and apps are free to download and create content on them. Just shoot the video using your phone and edit using user-friendly video maker apps, and just like that, your video is ready for the website.

So, what are you waiting for? Create a suitable video for your organization with all the tips and ideas, and reach more and more consumers today via your video on the website!

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