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What a beautiful website, but no one finds you on Google. You are leaving a lot of money on the table. Isn’t it time to hire a Freelance SEO Consultant to help you reach your goals faster? I offer SEO in Manchester & across the UK.
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Finding the newest and most innovative ways to improve your Google rankings takes expertise and in-depth knowledge of the field. This is particularly true if you’re working in a competitive field and are looking for any way to separate yourself from the competition.

Freelance SEO Manchester

Luckily you’ve come to the right place.

I offer cost-effective freelance SEO services that get you the results you need. I always follow white-hat SEO best practices to give you long-lasting search engine rankings for a local, regional or national competition in your field.

If you are excited to start and can’t wait to get in touch, don’t hesitate to check my SEO packages and let my SEO service help your business climb the rankings in Google.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it means engineering your website so that it hits keywords associated with your business. These keywords are what your potential clients search, and so hitting the right keywords means your page will rank higher in Google search results and consequently increase your website traffic.

Building a website that gets results takes more than an attractive design. The key is in utilising the minefield that is SEO. This works on local, national, and international levels. As a freelance SEO consultant in Manchester, much of my work is with UK-based companies, which means I’ve become well versed in the relevant keywords associated with UK businesses.

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How can SEO benefit my business?

Imagine you want to find a company that offers SEO in Manchester. Your first thought would be searching on Google for “SEO Manchester”. Now imagine the number of new potential clients you would get if you had an SEO Agency on top of Google for that keyword, which has an average of 1,900 users searching on Google every month.

Freelance SEO Consultant

SEO is a long-term investment.

As oposed to an Adwords or Facebook ads campaign, where your leads will disappear once you stop paying, the improvements to your website by an SEO campaign will always stay there, even after the payment stops.

While SEO ranking is mostly about the keywords, it’s also about building an organically searchable website that delivers what it’s meant to. This might seem obvious, but it’s something that many Manchester SEO Agencies lack when they have to optimise websites for their clients.

When I come to optimise your website, I will use every tool in my SEO software kit. This means not only providing you with a comprehensive keyword strategy but also designing an easy-to-use and user-friendly website that your clients will love and visit more than once.

SEO Company in Manchester

Why is my SEO Strategy Better?

I believe the reason for my success when building an SEO campaign is largely due to my one-stop SEO approach. Unlike other SEO Companies in Manchester, which will have different people for each stage, I work as a freelance SEO expert. This means I do every stage myself, and so there is no one interfering with my method and tasks.

I avoid common mistakes by following an SEO checklist, rather than using the “fix-as-I-find” approach. Also, I’m always thinking of ways to make your page rank better. By doing this from the beginning, saves having to repeat any steps, meaning results achieved quicker, and your SEO campaign becomes more efficient and affordable.

SEO Manchester

What SEO Services do I offer?

  • Polishing of SEO – SEO is a constantly changing world, so I use my regularly updated knowledge as a freelance SEO consultant to ensure your site is using the most current Search Engine Optimisation Strategies.
  • Content optimisation – Part of building a well-run SEO company in Manchester is working on effective content that targets keywords but is also worth reading. I’ll do semantic keyword research and investigate competitors to see what will work best.
  • Local search targeting – Working on SEO in Manchester means hitting local keywords, particularly if you run a local business. This also means updating your online presence so that information is consistent across the board.
  • On-page SEO strategies – SEO is about more than targeting keywords, and so I’ll work on polishing your site so that SEO content is embedded in all levels, making it more searchable.
  • Audits and reports – Working on the SEO of your website is a long-term game, so I’ll be on hand as your freelance SEO consultant to deliver reports on performance and to suggest and implement ways to improve underperforming areas.

My SEO Strategy

There are plenty of SEO Companies in Manchester, so what makes me the best choice? Well, apart from the benefits of choosing a freelancer over an agency, I also offer the following comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation Strategy that gets you results:

1. Initial fact-finding

Let’s start by taking a look at your current website if you have one. Along with identifying whether your website is user-friendly, we’ll also look at how you perform when it comes to search engine rankings. I do this using a range of tools, including things like Google Analytics, to see exactly how you’re performing.

I’ll also use my SEO experience to address your content from a user perspective. What adds value? What doesn’t? This is all useful information for targeting your niche and will help me to build a much more effective campaign.

2. Keyword research

Once I’ve taken an in-depth look at your website and its current rankings on Google, the next step is to identify the best keywords to improve your traffic and conversions.

The important thing here is to address things like location and business type. For example, if you were looking for my website, you would search terms like “Freelance Web Designer”. Choosing the right keywords is crucial for delivering a well-performing website.

3. On-page optimisation

After choosing the best keywords for your niche, it’s time to begin optimising your website. I’ll start with the basics, including things like metadata and headers, which are often overlooked by other Manchester SEO Agencies.

Then we’ll move on to the content optimisation. This is arguably one of the most important steps because search engines look for great content that’s easy to understand and includes all the relevant keywords for your business.

Unlike other freelance SEO specialists, I work closely with you to use content that not only improves your search ranking but also adds value to your site. After all, what’s the point in having pages of content, and a blog, if it doesn’t mean anything? The key to good organic growth is to provide content people actually want to read.

4. Building links

The final step is to build links. Backlinking is an integral part of the SEO process and is something that not every SEO specialist is able to get right.

Back in the early days of SEO, you could simply stuff your website with links to other sites and not have to worry about whether their content was worth reading. This meant that if you wanted to target a keyword, you could simply link to a number of pages that discussed its topic.

However, that’s no longer the case, and the quality of the website you link to is now more important than the link itself. It’s important to build up a number of links to reputable sites, and this is something I do as an SEO freelancer. Part of my keyword research strategy is to find relevant sites that align with yours, and link to them in order to produce reputable content.

5. In-depth reporting

Just because your website is built and filled with great, searchable content doesn’t mean our relationship is over! As an SEO freelancer, I pride myself on the quality of my work, and that means ensuring it continues to deliver.

Improving your Search Engine Optimisation rankings takes time, as it needs to be done organically. This is a term thrown around a lot but basically means you rely on your potential clients to search your website. Them doing so tells a search engine that your site provides relevant content for the searched terms, meaning you begin to move up the rankings.

I’ll work with you and deliver reports on how your website is performing. I ensure that these are clear and easy to understand, so you can take actions based on the information. Good SEO rankings are dependent on constant improvement, so this is something we’ll work on together to ensure your website is performing as well as it can.

SEO Packages

If you’re a website owner looking to overhaul your website and increase your traffic, then you should consider improving your SEO. I’m a freelance SEO consultant based in Manchester and I offer SEO packages to businesses across the UK.



  • Full SEO Management;
  • Up to 10 Keywords;
  • Intensive SEO work on your website, 2 hours per month;
  • Keyword research & monthly position tracking reports;
  • Audience targeting for 2 Boroughs or 1 County;
  • Analysis of 2 competitors;
  • Website traffic reports;
  • Reputation analysis and back link profile improvement.



Perfect for any budget, the more you spend the faster you climb.


  • Full SEO Management;
  • Unlimited Keywords;
  • Intensive SEO work on your website, £75/hour;
  • Keyword research & monthly position tracking reports;
  • Audience targeting for your choosen location;
  • Analysis of 5 competitors;
  • Website traffic reports;
  • Reputation analysis and back link profile improvement.


£ 75/m



  • Full SEO Management;
  • Up to 50 Keywords;
  • Intensive SEO work on your website, 5 hours per month;
  • Keyword research & monthly position tracking reports;
  • Audience targeting for the whole nation;
  • Analysis of 5 competitors;
  • Website traffic reports;
  • Reputation analysis and back link profile improvement.

£ 499/m

No contracts, initiation or termination fees!
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Filip Janssens
Filip Janssens
12:47 14 Jan 20
Highly recommended....Very fast, easy to deal with and delivers great work!!!
Adam Hollingworth
Adam Hollingworth
13:14 26 Dec 19
Amazing service! The results are outstanding thank you!
Carvalho Lima
Carvalho Lima
20:39 13 Dec 19
Very quick and professional service. Will recommend to anyone struggling with setting up website.
Agam Jamwal
Agam Jamwal
17:00 09 Nov 19
Through his sincere engagement in our project we were able to build an awesome, well-functioning website, according to our desires. Highly... recommended!read more
Setareh Rad
Setareh Rad
09:02 28 Oct 19
Having had previous bad experiences with either agencies or freelancers, it was refreshing finding Tiago. He is to the point and doesn't mess about.... He gets the job done quickly and goes far beyond what you ask him to do. I am so very happy I have found him and will be my to go guy for any website issues from now more
WPHostee dot com
WPHostee dot com
19:46 06 Oct 19
Project after project, Tiago always keeps the same level of quality and support. It has been over three months now since he started helping me with... my client's websites. He's not only a talented freelance web designer, but he is also a great communicator. Always explaining things in the best way possible and whenever there is a challenge, he comes up with a solution! I will undoubtedly keep sending new projects to him, and I would strongly recommend his web design services to anyone in Manchester or even the more
Alex Tebay
Alex Tebay
09:32 12 Sep 19
Tiago works quickly & is a great communicator. He built a site that feels purpose-built for our needs without ever over-complicating it. I'd highly... more
Dido Dimitrov
Dido Dimitrov
21:02 03 Sep 19
Leading me trough the process , showing me the details. It's easy to work with him. Hard working guy, best around!
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