SE Ranking Review – Is It Worth It?


Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use 100% 100%
  • Support 90% 90%
  • Value for Money 100% 100%
  • Documentation 80% 80%
  • Functionality 90% 90%

SE Ranking Pros

  • Cheapest All-in-one SEO researching tool in the market
  • Easiest PDF SEO reporting builder (my clients love it!)
  • In-depth competition research and monitoring tools
  • Many extra tools for other digital marketing purposes
  • Easy to use, product tour & amazing level of support
  • Try 14 days for free, no payment details required
  • They have an excellent API system for integration
  • 100% white-label reports, domain & client area
  • Unbeatable quality/price ratio, cheap & powerful
  • Very precise keyword tracking and researching tool
  • Automatic & Manual backlink monitoring tool
  • SEO Audit tool with a huge number of recommendations
  • Integrate with Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  • Ready-made online marketing plan for each account
  • Feature-rich SEO tool with everything you need

SE Ranking Cons

SE Ranking Pricing

The service offers its users a monthly subscription. For those who can’t make their choice, there is a tariff calculator that allows you to calculate the monthly costs in the service and find the right plan.

Starting From £10.8/month


What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is a platform for solving all your SEO problems in a single place. Analyse your competitors, and reverse-engineer their success, use a ready-made marketing plan for your website promotion, fix errors, perform SEO-audits to your pages, track the position of your site in different search engines and regions. With SE Ranking, all these tasks become easy-peasy!

SE Ranking Features:

  • Comprehensive site audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Site Position Monitoring
  • Reference mass check
  • Keyword Parsing
  • Own keyword database
  • Semantic kernel clustering
  • TK generation for texts
  • Text analysis
Se Ranking Review

The SE Ranking platform combines a large number of different functions. Checking the site’s position in search engines or YouTube videos, selecting keywords, monitoring changes on web pages and even auto-posting on social networks. There are special tools for digital agencies – lead generator, White Label, report designer. With their help, SEO companies can attract lots of audiences, provide the use of the main “Seranking” options under their brand and write SEO reports for customers.

Positioning in SE Ranking

I won’t show you how to register and add a project to the system, since the registration process is quite simple, just click here to start your free trial and follow the steps. There is even a video about adding projects. It becomes available immediately after user authorisation.

When you add a project, indicate its name, site domain, download keywords and select search engines and regions to check positions, you will be offered a training tour.

Pass it, or skip, after which the analysis starts.

In the “Positions” section, there will be three tabs:

  • Detailed report
  • General report
  • Historical data
Seo Ranking Checker
Detailed tab

In the detailed report, you will see which positions in the search engines indicated above are occupied by your queries. What is their frequency, average position, visibility, what percentage of keys are in the TOP-10, are there any drops or phrases in the TOP-100 or 10.

Overall Tab

The general report provides the same information as in a detailed, but in a generalized form. If you selected several search engines for verification, then here the data on them are combined.

Historical Data Tab

A comparative analysis is shown here between the previous period when the position was taken, and the current one. Of course, provided that you have not just registered and managed to use the verification function earlier, and not for the first time.

What Is Se Ranking

Analytics and traffic on SERanking

This section displays the percentage and the number of keywords that fall into various TOPs of search engines. The average position is indicated, and changes that have occurred over the past month in the search results are recorded.

The tabs “Overview”, “Traffic” and “Google Search Console data” should display information about visitors from search engines, keywords used to go to the site, etc. But this information is available only after connecting the accounts of analytical systems and providing access to the accounts of the webmaster.

In the Snippets tab, you can see how the web resource looks in the search for each individual keyword.


The tab “SEO-potential” shows the possible amount of traffic and its cost if it was acquired through contextual advertising. Here you can also see how many approximately clients could be obtained from the context and how to make a profit.

Competitor analysis

Here you can add the sites of your competitors if you know who they are. Or learn about it from the tabs “TOP-100” and “All competitors”.

Se Ranking Pro Review
Main Competitors Tab

To add a competing resource domain, click on the blue button below. Enter any name, website address and check the box for subdomains, if necessary.

Then click on the “Add” button and check the competitor’s position together with your own in the corresponding section.

Tab "TOP-100"

This section displays the resources that are present in the first hundred search results for each of the keywords.

To change the request, hover over the main one with the mouse pointer and in the drop-down list click on the desired one.

Opposite each competing domain is its ICS value, Alex rating and the number of backlinks.

All Competitors Tab

It contains all the resources for each of the queries you entered in the TOP-10 of search results. This data is updated daily.
Verification history is available for two weeks.

For each competitor, its visibility, availability of counters, website quality index, Alexa rating, MOZ resource credibility and the number of backlinks, which are divided into unique domains (RD) and all at once, are indicated.

If desired, this data can be exported. To do this, click on the “Export” button in the upper right corner above the table and select the desired format (Excel or CSV).

Then click on the “Download” button.

Website audit in SeRanking

This tool conducts a comprehensive audit of a web resource for errors and insufficient optimization. Checking can take a long time if the site has many pages with content or product cards.

Se Ranking Website Audit

Report Tab

As a result, you get a detailed report that describes the errors found.

Seo Friendly Website Checker

Crawled Pages Tab

The “Crawled Pages” tab displays the web pages of the site and information about them. For example, link length, server response code, whether access to robots.txt is closed, whether the page is open for indexing. What title is indicated and how long is it, what is written in the description, are there canonical links, is a redirect configured, and much more.

If you have previously conducted an audit several times, you can compare the previous report with the current one in the “Compare Reports” tab.

Page Changes Monitoring Tab

To track any important changes in the SEO component of the site, go to the “Page Changes Monitoring” subsection and add monitoring pages.

Register pages manually or import them from a file.

Click on the “Next” button.

Choose what you want to track.

Scroll down and click Next again.

Specify the frequency and time of scanning, enable sending notifications, enter your E-mail and click on the “Finish” button.

In the settings, you simply indicate the audit schedule, what to scan, what rules to follow, the user agent used, limits and report parameters.

Backlink Monitoring

This tool allows you to check custom backlinks for many parameters. To add backlinks, click on the “Import” button.

Se Ranking Vs Semrush

You can import URLs from webmaster panels, XLS tables, or simply copy and paste into the field.

Backlinks should refer to the site that was added to the project. If you enter resources that link to another site, you will see the “Not Found” status.

Also, the results will display data on indexing pages, their ranking, according to Alexa, the authority on MOZ, ICS value, destination URL, anchor, IP and country.


SMM tools in SE Ranking In the “SMM” section, you can connect the accounts of 2 social networks: FB and Twitter.

Se Ranking Pricing

To do this, open the “Accounts”/”Dashboard” tab and click on the “Connect” button opposite the social network you need.

Allow the system to access your profile and go to the Overview tab.

This visualizes the reach of the community audience in a graph.

All users are highlighted in one colour, and group subscribers only.

The date range for displaying this information you can set yourself using the calendar.

To view other information, go to the appropriate tab. If you have connected a Facebook account, then click on the “Facebook Metrics” tab.

Want to try auto-posting on social networks? Then go to the “Autoposting” tab. Click on the Create Post button.

Enter the text of the post, select a picture from the computer, a group for publication, specify the date and time, then click on the “Add post” button to schedule its placement. Or you can click on “Publish Now”, and the post will be published immediately after that.

SEO/PPC Competition Research

To go to this tool, click on the “Tools” tab and select the appropriate option.

Se Ranking Vs Ahrefs

You will find yourself on a separate page, where on the left there will be a vertical menu with many subsections. In some, you can find out everything about competitor’s organic and paid traffic, in others, select and analyse keywords, search tips.

Seo Tools List

To start a competitor analysis, enter the domain or keyword in the upper empty line, select the search engine, region and language. Click on the “Analyze” button.

For each type of analysis, a detailed report is provided, which is compiled in the form of tables, charts, graphs, and simple text.

Search site backlinks in SE Ranking

Hover over “Tools” and select “Backlink Checker” from the drop-down list.

Enter the domain of your site or competitor’s web resource. Or check the “Exact URL” item and specify the full link. Click on the “Get Backlinks” button.

Se Ranking Reviews

A window will appear where you need to specify whether you want to download backlinks from all domains or only from unique ones. The second option is recommended.

Click on the button “Get backlinks” and wait until the results are displayed. In them, you will see the number of backlinks, domains, Dofollow / Nofollow, anchors and IP addresses.

Each link will be assigned the status of “Found.” Opposite to some, there will be a red mark on the prohibition of page indexing (NF) or the 301 redirects. The table contains a URL to the page to which the resource refers, anchor, level of trust, the date the link was not found and the last check.

Additionally, you can check all the parameters for a certain amount, export to Excel format, or filter by the necessary criteria.

On-Page SEO Checker

The tool is immediately below the previous one, in the same drop-down list. Go to it, specify the link of the site or its specific section, enter the key request for which the page is optimised, and click on the “Analyze” button.

Free Seo Checker

After a few minutes, the verification will be completed.

To see detailed information about the analysis, click on the name of the project.
A large report will open before you, where the data on the SEO optimization of the page that you checked will be displayed.

A general rating will be set, the number of successfully passed checks, comments and detected errors will be indicated. The following are blocks with detailed information. However, it will not be available for trial accounts. Buying a subscription will solve this issue.

Keyword selection and parsing

The tool is located in the same drop-down list as the previous ones. If you need key queries for SEO-works or contextual advertising, then using this option in “SEranking” you can pick them up automatically.

  • Select a parsing source
  • Internal service base
  • Search hints

Each source will have its own settings and conditions. I selected search suggestions.

Free Keyword Research Tool

After specifying the system, selecting the GEO, parsing depth and basic queries, click on the “Start collection” button.
Within 10 minutes, the verification will be completed.

To familiarise yourself with the selected words, click on the eye icon, as in the screenshot.

A list of key phrases that you can add to the project, check their frequency or export to a table format will open.

Search Volume Checker

Hover over “Tools” and select “Search Volume Checker”.

Choose a source from the queries and specify the country.

Semrush Vs Se Ranking

Enter your keywords and click on the “Start search” button.

In the results, you will see frequency indicators for previously entered key phrases.

Check page indexing in SE Ranking

The tool is in the same drop-down list as the previous one.

Se Ranking Tool

To use it, indicate in which search engine you need to check the indexing of web pages, insert the list of pages itself and click on the “Submit” button.

In the results, you will see whether the pages are indexed in the search engine or not.

Checking Alexa / Moz DA

With this option, you can check the site quality index and the value of MOZ DA.

Se Ranking Vs Moz

Enter a list of pages, select what you want to analyse, and click on the “Submit” button.

The analysis will be completed in a couple of minutes.

To see the results, click on the eye icon.

You will see the MOZ DA value and the Alexa indicator.

Export the results to CSV or Excel, if necessary.

Keyword Grouper through SERanking

The tool allows you to automatically group keywords. It is at the very bottom of the drop-down list that I talked about earlier.

Se Ranking Keyword Suggestion Tool

Go to the option and enter a custom report name. Select a search engine, specify the region, city and interface language.

Next, select the grouping accuracy, method and specify whether to check the frequency.

Then enter key queries or import them from Excel.

Click on the “Start Grouping” button.

In the results, you will receive queries sorted into groups, which you can upload and use to optimise the site.


In my opinion, SE Ranking is the cheapest and most complete All-in-one SEO tool, loved by SEO experts, digital marketers and Bloggers. SE Ranking allows you to conduct in-depth research on your website and your competitors. With this SEO tool, you can also analyse the statistics of your target audience on social media and even configure automatic posting to your accounts.

You will love the number of tools and features, the ease of use and the vast data array included in the form of beautifully composed reports after each SEO analysis. SE Ranking allows you to design your white-label SEO reports which your clients will love, trust me, I never had a single complaint from mine, only compliments!

I can confidently say that if you use SE Ranking, you won’t need any other tool to be able to run your SEO agency and look after clients. SE Ranking will give you everything you need!

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